…of cinco de mayo, testing testing, & guffaws…


laughter cinco

That’s right it’s the 5th of May & the celebration of the winning of the Battle of Puebla on this date in 1862!


A concerning tale that one in five college/high school students use ADHD stimulant drugs to help cram for exams. According to researchers, “students are misusing prescription stimulants to write an essay or pull all nighters before exams.”

At issue at a Vancouver physicians’ conference this week will be whether the use of such stimulants in order to focus concentrate and enhance performance on tests is cheating.

Another phenomenon for our times….

“Laughter — the real kind associated with genuine joy and mirth — sets off brain wave patterns quite similar to those generated when experienced meditators ply their mindfulness skills, a new study finds.”

The study goes on to say that meditation may not be for everyone but certainly humour is something we can all reach…

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